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Rich Arts Collective is a young organization that started off as a passion project, inspired by the founder's lived experiences coming from a diverse cultural background while battling social and economical inequities. Thabisa Rich decided to form this organization after years of working and realizing that her passion for community runs deep, and along with the support and encouragement from her husband Charlie Rich, she decided to bring this dream to life in order to serve the community as needed. 


How will Rich Arts Collective transform people? We hope to share stories, bring equity and justice while informing and teaching our community.   We will bring you inspired programming focusing on youth, mental health and conversations that inspire critical observations.  We will bring your cultural inspired performances, art work, explore the  vibrancy of our humanity  throughout the city and beyond. We will connect with schools, individuals and other organizations with a similar focus to ours, and explore endless opportunities to uproot poverty injustices by creating a platform for all people to be heard.

How can I help? Well, glad you understand you are needed. In order to make this dream a reality. We need your experience, expertise and all kinds of contributions that  will drive the organization's mission including unkind, volunteer services and yes, financial contributions.

 Your belief in positive change through arts and culture and human connection within our beloved community is what will fuel us. Your support of our mission will help us grow and expand wide and beyond improve lives one step at a time.


Many thanks to the Arts Council of Greater New Haven and CT Folk for partnering with us on our Open Mic = Open Doors program, which offered informed perspectives from therapists on how youth can better deal with mental health struggles. Arts Council allowed us to use their Zoom platform and opened their building doors for programming.

CT Folk and Rich Arts Collective worked together on creating a community event that was meant to bring connection and joy through drumming. RAC appreciates the time, effort and financial support CT Folk contributed to ensure the success of the program.

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Interested in partnering with us or sponsoring one of our programs?

Please connect with us here:

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